Dorcas Lane is the postmistress in Candleford. She inherited the business from her father, and most people think that it is unnatural to have a woman running the post office. She is Emma Timmins's cousin, and she offers Laura a job at the post office at the beginning of the show. Dorcas is a bit of a busybody; she knows many peoples' secrets and occasionally offering advice to them about their personal affairs. She had a relationship with James Dowland during the second season. He asks her to marry him, however, Dorcas has found out about an affair James had had with a woman who he had claimed was only a business partner. Before this, she had thought that she had missed her opportunity for marriage. Dorcas has very high opinions and shows that she is a bit of a suffragette when she runs for the Parish Council though many people think a woman should not be in that position. She is very neighbourly to everyone and is friends with many in the town. Emma and Laura are proud that Dorcas has made a life for herself despite the predjudice against women at the time.

Dorcas Lane One Weaknesses Edit

  • Arrogant (assigned by Robert Timmins) / S3 Ep03 47:09
  • Autocrat (assigned by Robert Timmins) / S3 Ep03 47:09
  • Baths / S1 Ep01 30:48
  • Boys / S3 Ep09 57:17
  • Cannot bear to fail (actually it is Laura Timmins one weakness) / S2 Ep06 41:54
  • Cannot sing (true weakness) / S2 Ep01 1:11:21
  • Cashmere / S2 Ep06 33:23
  • Correctness (named by Thomas Brown) / S2 Ep12 56:42
  • Cowardice (guessed by James Dowland) / S2 Ep07 55:17
  • Feather pillows / S1 Ep02 30:17
  • Fine shoes / S1 Ep03 02:08
  • Food / S1 Ep01 09:31
  • Fruitcake / S2 Ep08 11:27
  • Indulgences (terrible weakness) / S4 Ep01 44:18
  • Journeymen / S2 Ep05 20:30
  • Jugged hare (said by Zillah) / S1 Ep02 30:02
  • Mischief (said by Sydney) / S3 Ep11 15:12
  • Morning cake / S1 Ep05 09:51
  • Opinionated (assigned by Robert Timmins) / S3 Ep03 47:09
  • Optimism / S3 Ep07 32:08
  • Picnics / S4 Ep06 06:20
  • Self-righteous (assigned by Robert Timmins) / S3 Ep03 47:09
  • Snoozing during opening hours (professional weakness) / S1 Ep06 20:22
  • Speak in haste / S2 Ep08 57:02
  • Tea in the garden / S1 Ep05 52:07
  • To boast a little / S3 Ep12 19:39
  • To think well of herself / S1 Ep08 18:10

Weaknesses are listed in alphabetical order, doubles ("Food") listed for first appearance only.